Begin your SOL Journey with us....

We spent years on our own SOL JOURNEY opening to the SPARK of LIGHT that we are.

Our journey took us to the ancient sites and spiritual portals of the world to journey deeper within and ignite our loving consciousness. 

We've traversed Mt Sinai and the Camino de Santiago, and we've meditated in the Pyramids of Egypt, the Holy City of Jerusalem, the Lost City of Petra, and the Spiritual Hospital in Abadiania, Brazil. Our hearts have opened to the depth of Incredible India, the Magdalene trails of France, the heart centre of Bali, and the beauty of Oman. 

We feel blessed to bring you all we've experienced and discovered along the way...


We invite you into The SOL Space....

The SOL Space is a space for loving consciousness. A space for you to feel LIGHT-er, to experience joy, to feel nourished and radiant, to open your heart, to raise your consciousness, and to journey inward and experience the LIGHT and LOVE that you are.  

Within The SOL Space we bring you the best of what we have discovered to raise your consciousness and awaken the SPARK of LIGHT within us all. 


I am Robynne, a person who has spent most of my life thinking outside the box in a forward creative and intuitive way.

From my earliest memories I was always pondering… What is Love Actually? What is it really for? Why did I need to know?  I had begun a search, one that intensified after I was diagnosed with cancer, for I felt there was a thread of knowledge that would hold a key to my yet elusive quest. However time was not on my side as I needed to stop and fight for my life. My searching at least provided me with enough knowledge to make an incredible recovery.

Recovered and more certain than ever there were answers to be uncovered my family and I resumed the search. On a holiday in Spain, my search was suddenly over for it found me, literally my heart somersaulted so there was never a question is this IT, it just was.  The unknown was a SOLfeggio Frequency known as The Miracle 528Hz.  It is known as the pure love frequency….It is all of us at our deepest essence. This is the reason why the SOL-I AM Collection of 9 frequencies will reawaken the inner you. 

Your self awaits your reconnection, begin the journey now. 

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I am John, an artist who is very passionate about Sacred Geometry.  I bring the symbols and mandalas of Sacred Geometry to life in my SOL-ART creations.

I've always had a love for art and design. Before being an artist you could find me on development sites in interesting locations around the world designing and constructing hotels, resorts and homes bringing my creative eye and love for design to the project.

It was during a personal SOuL-Journey, and experiencing the sacred sites of the world, I discovered I had innate geometric knowledge and the ability to draw and create Sacred Geometry by the same method as taught by Pythagoras using the basic principles of a straight edge and compass. 

I believe Sacred Geometry provides us with more than a beautiful and thought provoking art form. It is a transformative tool that ancient civilizations successfully used to connect with their deepest inner selves and the wisdom of the universe. It is my goal, as an artist, to lead people from the highly polarized global environment of today to a deeper, more unified understanding of themselves, and the world around them. 

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I'm Natasha, a Conscious Life and Business Mentor. I love supporting people who are ready to raise their consciousness and create a significant tangible and energetic shift in their life, relationships, and businesses....all from the inside-out. 

My creative passion is developing heartful meditation programs. After years of experiencing every type of meditation technique imaginable I love creating meditations that take you deep into your heart space and expand your consciousness taking you into a space of openness and bliss. 

I often consult to SOuL-preneurs, business owners, leaders, and creatives to raise the consciousness in their life and businesses and positively impact the lives of the people they serve.  I blend my finance, real estate, and strategy background with my years of experience in meditation, mindfulness and personal development to create conscious transformation in the most gentle and strategic way possible.

I have an MBA in Strategic Management and Sustainability, a Bachelors of Business in Finance and Real Estate and I am a Certified Strategic Intervention Coach.

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Love. Consciousness. Harmony.