Bride 'To Be' Meditation Program

For Soulmate Relationships

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life but it can also be one of the most stressful. 

If you're like me, you've seen a Bride or two completely stressed on the verge of becoming Bridezilla (if she isn't already), you've witnessed the crazy wedding stories and been to ceremonies where the Bride and Groom just didn't seem to connect deeply with each other in a way that not only touched your heart but they could cherish forever.

Wedding planning can become stressful and its all too easy to lose the magic - the magic of being engaged and the magic of your sacred union - the very reason for your special day.

This beautiful 3 part meditation program is designed to support you to not only enjoy every moment of your Big Day but enjoy the planning process and feel supported along the way. 

The Program

1. VISION & VOWS Meditation


Watch my Wedding Video above and experience my Vision & Vows

Gain clarity about what is important to you

Create the vision for your day, the way it is meant for you. 

In this meditation you will connect into your heart space and you will be gently guided to open to the vision for your beautiful day through your thoughts, feelings and inspirations.  You will be supported to open to your vows and promises that are sacred to you and your soulmate.  You will open to a wedding planning process filled with grace, one where you naturally attract beautiful people to you who are aligned to your essence and will support you on your special day.  

This meditation is created to the 528Hz SOLfeggio Frequency, this is the miracle frequency, the frequency of pure love. 


2. Peace & Planning Meditation



Stay peaceful during the planning process no matter what, and be calm and connected to your soulmate

This meditation will support you to let go of anything that is taking you away from your true essence. You will come back to your natural state of calm and experience new levels of inner peace. You will allow any issues to be resolved from your heart space (not overthinking in your mind). You will stay centred and deeply connected to your soulmate remembering this day is about the two of you, the love you share and your commitment to each other. 

This meditation is created to the 639Hz SOLFeggio Frequency, the frequency for peace and harmony in relationships.  




Enjoy every Moment of your special day

Connect deeply to your soulmate

This is a very special meditation filled with love. If you are feeling apprehensive you will be able to let go of any tension you feel, come back to your centre, your heart space and know how to feel deeply supported throughout the day. You will connect into the expansiveness and peace of loving consciousness. You will be deeply connected to your soulmate and ready to enjoy the magic in every moment of this special day. 

This meditation is created to the 639Hz SOLFeggio Frequency, the frequency for peace and harmony in relationships.  


My Story

Bride to Be Meditation Program #thesolspace #natashagirvan #LeSecretdAudrey

My Vision & Vows 

Jason and I wanted our wedding day to be intimate, sacred, and filled with love. When we discovered photos of a beautiful petite chapel in Paris as soon as we saw it we knew we wanted to be married there. We were looking for a special destination that signified our love and everything about Paris and the Chapelle felt perfect. We held the intention of how we wanted our day to feel and everything came together with effortless grace. 

After many years together, working with beautiful relationship mentors and always evolving in our relationship we knew we wanted to create our own Vows. We explored everything about our relationship, where we had been, where we were going, what we had learnt, how we would cherish each other, what would bring us joy and keep us aligned together, what special words we share and love saying to each other, and from this Space we created our sacred Wedding Vows. 

Bride to Be Meditation Program #thesolspace #natashagirvan #LeSecretdAudrey

My Peace & Planning

Few couples make it through the planning stage of their wedding without issues surfacing within the families or within their relationship. And our story is no different, we definitely had a few challenges along the way but thankfully we had the tools to support us.   

We had beautiful moments like connecting with Isabella in Switzerland, our dear friend who had the voice of an angel and sang for us, and Billy & Paolo in Paris who designed my dress, to dealing with challenging issues at home.

Our ability to stay calm, to open our hearts even more, and stay connected to each other allowed us to be centred, to always remember what was important to the two of us and keep the magic in our relationship. Being engaged is one of the most beautiful times in your relationship, don't let wedding planning take that away from you! 

Bride to Be Meditation Program #thesolspace #natashagirvan #LeSecretdAudrey

My Big Day

I never realized how much I would enjoy this day…every minute of it.

I began my day meditating in the early hours of the morning…meditating on love, commitment, and the peace I felt as I was about to marry my soulmate. There were so many touching and fun moments with my parents as we were getting ready and then driving through the streets of Paris in our mint green Citroen. As I walked down the aisle towards Jason time stood still and I could feel the love we share between us and our beautiful connection. There was so much more..committing to our vows, Raman's blessing, Isabella’s heart touching voice, the love of our loved ones…it was all so special.

You could feel the love beaming, expanding, and blessing us as we united as life partners and joined as husband and wife. 

Our day was a magical day filled with love and romance. Paris, the City of Light and Love, truly touched us on our special day. 


How to Use the Bride 'To Be' Meditation Program

You will immediately receive your mp3 downloadable links for you to save to your favourite device. Find a quiet space inside or in nature, put on your earphones, play your chosen meditation and allow yourself to completely relax. 


Vision & Vows Meditation

This meditation was created for you to listen to anytime from the day after you're engaged and ready to create the vision for your day right through to writing your vows and creating the finishing details. 

I recommend you do this meditation seated comfortably and after the 20 minute meditation take some time to reflect, write freely, and allow your ideas and inspirations to flow through you. 

Peace & Planning Meditation

This 20 minute meditation was designed for you to use anytime from once to as often as daily during the planning process.

I recommend for you to do this meditation frequently so, if needed, you're able to resolve any issues from a space of love and centredness. Plus you will experience true inner peace for yourself. This a lovely meditation to do together. 

The Big Day Meditation

This 20 minute meditation is for you to do on your Big Day. In bed, during hair & makeup, any part of the day pre-ceremony that suits you. 

And yes, you can do it prior to your Big Day if you would like to connect into the love, joy, and magic of your special day. 

I'm sending my loving blessing for you to enjoy every moment.  


What You Receive


Download the 3-Part Bride 'To Be' Meditation Program

+ Special Bonus

Two 20-minute SOL-I Am Collection Meditations

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We believe in our product and offer a 7 day money back questions asked.  



Is this program just for Bride's or can my partner do it too? 

You can both do it, in fact I recommend you do. Whether you're Bride & Groom, Bride & Bride, or Groom & Groom this program is for you. It's made for couples who truly are soulmates and want to experience the love and magic of their special day. 

I would like some more support during this time what would you recommend?

I'm always happy to support beautiful Brides + Grooms during this time. It is completely normal for issues to arise or for you to need loving support to navigate your way through this event you've never experienced from the inside. I've put together a laser-focus relationship mentoring session with me to accompany the meditation program [see description below].

But if you feel like you need more than a single session contact me directly and we'll discuss how I can support you.   


Download the 3-Part Bride 'To Be' Meditation Program

+ Special Bonus

Two 20-minute SOL-I Am Collection Meditations

Download Now

Download the 3-Part Bride 'To Be' Meditation Program

+ Bonus 2 SOL-I AM Meditations

+ 1 Mentoring Session with Natasha

Download Now