Are you ready to start a journey like no other? Do you FEEL a significant shift happening in the world and you're ready to embrace your life like never before? Are you ready to raise your consciousness in every area of your life? Is it time for you to Shine Your Light...

Then lets IGNITE the SPARK of LIGHT you are!

When you commit 3 months to yourself you are saying a high vibrational 'yes to you' to ENRICH your life, relationships and business....

The IGNITE SOL-Mentorship program is designed for you to: 

  • Bring a SIGNIFICANT and TANGIBLE positive ENERGETIC shift to your life, relationships, and business
  • RAISE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS in every area of your life
  • Give you a deep understanding of ENERGY & learn how you can direct and influence your ENERGY in your life & business 
  • OPEN your HEART SPACE and learn to LISTEN to your wisdom and true potential from within (this will change everything)
  • Give you clarity on your SOUL's PURPOSE and allow your life & business to unfold with grace 
  • Bring LIGHT to any limiting beliefs, behaviours, and patterning, and let go of what no longer serves you
  • Reveal your EMPATHY and open you to your natural gifts
  • Develop and ground your LEADERSHIP skills and style
  • Give you the SUPPORT you so deeply desire and deserve



Hello, my name is Natasha Girvan and I am passionate about supporting heart-centred individuals to live their SOuL-Purpose and create the lifestyle, relationships, and business of their dreams. 

Just a few short years ago I had a successful corporate career. I was working on interesting projects globally and I was using my skills to make positive change...

But I felt something was missing....I FELT LIKE I WAS ONLY USING 10% OF MYSELF AND I KNEW I HAD SO MUCH MORE TO GIVE. And I always had a deep innate knowing that I was here for more....

When I was transferred to Dubai amidst the global financial crisis everything changed. Crisis can bring out the best or worst in people so it was no surprise that in the world of banking I found myself working in an environment where the business and personal values couldn't have been further from my own.

It was time, my SOuL-Purpose was calling me...

The year previous had been incredibly hard for my family when my mother almost died of cancer. So when the opportunity arose for us to to follow our hearts and explore the healing portals and ancient sites of the world we embraced it. We travelled throughout Oman, traversed Mt Sinai and meditated in the Pyramids of Egypt, the Holy City of Jerusalem, the Lost City of Petra, and a spiritual hospital in Brazil. Our hearts opened to the depth of Incredible India, the Magdalene trails of France, and the heart centre of Bali. This journey was a divine gift and connected us deeply to our SOuL-Purpose.  

When I returned to Australia...

with my heart wide open I leapt and began my own business....but I pushed myself to the limit. 

I was madly studying every online marketing gurus course. I was learning and doing everything imaginable and starting a million projects. And I was so invested in my clients I was TAKING PROJECT CALLS AT 10PM AT NIGHT, MENTORING WHILE ON HOLIDAY, AND DOING A LOT OF WORK FOR FREE....

High achieving corporate Natasha and heart wide open highly empathic Natasha were on a collision course. 

My HEAD VOICE and my HEART VOICE were completely out of balance. 

And when your HEAD VOICE takes over you'll never have clear INSIGHT you can trust. 


In the corporate world, I had healthy boundaries. Yes, I worked long hours and occasionally all night for a pressing project, but I would always come back to my centre quickly. 

But the corporate world was different...I was invested in my projects and I was able to use a lot of mental energy. But my heart, my emotional energy wasn't as involved.... 

In my business my heart and emotional energy was 100% invested. I had so much skill, experience and big dreams but I had no boundaries, no long-term plan, and I didn't have the same structure in place to support me.

I had to listen to my heart and SOuL's energy. I turned all the external noise off, I paused and took time for reflection and meditation. 

“Your SOuL will always call you to be GENTLE and honour yourself”

I treated myself gently and nurtured myself. I felt deeply into myself and re-aligned my mind, body, heart and SOuL with my SOuL-Purpose. I got to the true essence of my SOuL-Purpose. I had always been able to see the big vision for my SOuL-Purpose but I needed clarity on how to take the steps in between. 

And importantly, I healed another layer of my SOuL-Wound that allowed me to be in overdrive and live on the emotional edge.  

Now everything has changed....I am nurtured, nourished, and full of giving...my SOuL is leading my life.

My SOuL-Purpose has been re-energised from the inside out, I have ignited the SPARK OF LIGHT I AM. I listen to my heart and soul and my skills and experience provide guidelines for the short and the long term. 

I know how to pause and how to structure my life and business so it serves me as well as my clients.   

I have learnt the importance of balance between my head and my heart.... and to listen to my SOUL’s energy, for it is life force and the greatest driving force in the universe.

I am grateful for this lesson and journey because I know it not only serves me but it can serve you also. Let me support you to align your mind, body, heart and soul so you can SHINE YOUR LIGHT and contribute positively in this world. 

Take a few moments and open to your heart space....

FEEL what is possible for you...

Bring your conscious attention to your wellbeing, to your relationships, to your purpose, to your essence, to you...

....feel what is infinitely possible for you, feel what your SOuL is gently pulling you towards...

SEE yourself shining brightly....

See your beacon of LIGHT.... 

...see yourself experiencing the joy and freedom you desire and deserve...see yourself fulfilled living your purpose...

KNOW Your Dream is Possible...

It is time for you to open to your heart space, to open to your SOuL, and create the life of your dreams consciously and harmoniously.

You deserve to live with optimum vitality and WELLBEING, experience unconditional love in your RELATIONSHIPS, create your SOuL-PURPOSE, experience true conscious WEALTH to fuel your lifestyle and business and CONTRIBUTE and LEAD at a level of consciousness that inspires not only you, but your community also. 


Your SOuL has a plan for you, let me support you to uncover it in the most strategic and gentle way possible....


Are you ready to get started

Each area of your life needs your CONSCIOUS ATTENTION to align to the INTENTION of your dreams....

Each SOL-Mentorship program is a bespoke journey, customised for you, to re-energise your life and business, and align your life to your true purpose in the most strategic and gentle way possible. 

During our time together we will bring your conscious attention to 8 key areas.... 



  • Create a morning ritual that brings you vitality and supports your essence
  • Prioritise your emotional wellbeing and understand the power of your thoughts and feelings
  • Learn how to keep your vibration high through nutrition,  meditation, and your environment
  • Clear anything keeping you from having 100% self acceptance and self love
  • Design a lifestyle that supports you and your core desires


  • Understand your masculine and feminine energy and how it supports you
  • Call in your soul mate and open to having the relationship of your dreams
  • Create the foundation for unconditional love, giving, fulfilment and fun in your relationship
  • Heal family relationships in a way that is supportive and safe
  • Establish values and behaviours to create Conscious Harmony in all relationships


  • Open to your heart space and feel into the essence of your SOuL-Purpose mission and vision 
  • Learn what stimulates your mind and how to listen to your head voice and heart voice
  • Identify your gifts and strengths and how they support your SOuL-Purpose
  • Design a business model that serves you and your clients


  • Become financially literate and understand money, financial fundamentals and systems
  • Transform limiting beliefs that may have been stopping you from creating and/or enjoying wealth
  • Develop wealth consciousness and create a strategy to have the impact you desire
  • Create and implement a plan for giving, contributing and supporting conscious 'for purpose' organisations


  • Find your voice and get clarity on your message and personal leadership style
  • Learn how to trust your sensitivity (feeling self) and value emotional stability  
  • Develop grace in communication and use your sensory acuity in all situations
  • Learn how to build a synergistic team that thrives together and supports your SOuL-Purpose


Business Foundation

  • Align your business mission and vision to your personal mission and vision
  • Design a framework for how you and your team make decisions based on your business values
  • Learn to understand and harness the energy of your business
  • For established businesses, get to the heart of the business and re-energise it from the inside out

Business Strategy

  • Define how you conduct your business consciously, develop your sustainability principles   
  • Gain clarity on who you serve (your niche/target market) and how you will add value, grow and contribute to this community
  • Develop your brand, authentic marketing message and strategy 
  • Create a short, medium, and long-term conscious business strategy that is 100% in alignment with you and your business

Business Structure

  • Design a 'nimble' business structure that is in alignment with your strategy and supports you and your team 
  • Streamline business systems; websites, social media, CRM, commerce, communication, marketing, and financial 
  • Learn the power of the FEELing check-in to ensure your business is 'LIGHT' and the daily operations are harnessing (not hindering) creative energy 
  • Develop laser sharp focus on your financial position and profitability

This is a full and enriching program to open your heart space and connect you deeply to life.

As your SOL-Mentor I am here for you...

I am here not only as your guide and strategist, but I am holding the space for you, allowing you to 'BE YOU' and fulfil your dreams in the most strategic and gentle way possible.

Know, you are the creator of your dreams and destiny, and this program requires your total commitment  

Your 90 Day SOL-Mentorship Program Includes:


An Introduction Packet designed for you to gain clarity into your life, relationships, and business so our time together supports aligning your mind, body, heart and soul. 


A 2-Hour Immersion to start our time together. We will dive deep into your life and business and focus on opening your insight to ultimately create your SOL-Masterplan.


Eleven 50-minute weekly video-skype sessions to support your journey, overcome any obstacles, and keep you aligned to creating the life and business you deserve. 


The SOL Space frequency meditation program. A collection of nine 20 minute frequency meditations to support you to gently open and raise your vibration.


For the duration of your program you will be supported and you can send me through any questions or materials you would like me to review. 


Over the course of our time together I will direct you to materials and provide your with resources to support your growth and development. 


Are you ready?


*A monthly payment plan is available upon request. 

^ In special circumstances, I offer partial scholarships to my 90 Day program.  

I openly invite you into my program....

Now it is time for you to make the choice...

So what will you choose? Will you listen to your SOUL's calling and have the COURAGE to say yes to you? Will you allow yourself to be seen and be supported in a safe space for you to 'be you' and let your story unfold?  

A wo/man in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself
— Maya Angelou

A final note to Empaths...we are the feelers, the sensitives

If you are an empath I would truly love to mentor you...

As an empath I understand the challenges you can face in every area of life with this beautiful gift of empathy...I realise it doesn't always feel like a gift. 

But empathy is needed now more than ever. I know you can FEEL it. 

Your ability to feel and come from a space of sensitivity and consciousness can make a big impact in this world. 

More than 10 years ago I discovered what Empathy was and learnt the tools to discern what I was really feeling and experiencing in my life. That is when everything changed for me and I want the same for you. I truly do.

I will support you to understand your SOUL’s energy, your feelings, find clarity, and trust in yourself like never before.

I look forward to supporting you on this journey as you open deeply to yourself and create the life, relationships, and business of your dreams. 

Much love,


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In their words.....

Natasha is a warm and wise gentle nudge in the direction of your own heart's longing and knowing.  

She is beautifully integrated in both the spiritual and the practical, feminine and the masculine, right and left brain, that she serves as a powerful mirror and guide who will call forth your greatest expression.  

What I love most about Natasha is her uncanny ability to see the light and truth of any situation and this has supported me in finding my experience of love and possibility even in the darkest days.  

Thank you Natasha! 

Melissa D'Antoni Creative Catalyst  www.firetreestudios.com

Natasha, my beautiful 'Guide Beside'

One of the most inspirational, sincere, compassionate and talented woman I know. Natasha supported my desire to gain clarity and confidence around establishing and setting my financial goals. Through gentle coaching, visualising and empowering with her skills and experience 

Natasha enabled me to create the foundations for financial freedom that align with my commitment and passion for sustainability and environmental change.

She continues to be an exceptional mentor and most loving and generous friend who I say with hand on heart truly 'walks the talk'. Thank you Natasha.

Gitanjali Bedi

She is a beautiful soul who radiates love, inspiration, support, and creativity.

Through her astute, encouraging and gentle guidance, Natasha has taken me from a place of confusion and merely existing and reacting, to one of conscious creating and empowerment that I didn’t quite realise was possible until now.

She is continuing to support me through my Group of Companies’ current and future financial investment position and brings exceptional focus and opportunities around her framework on people, planet, profit and presence. Natasha has helped me to love even more, open to and understand the relationships in my life, and most importantly is facilitating in aligning my true core being, values and heart to a purpose I love and believe in that will serve and contribute to this crazy amazing wonderful world we live. The momentum and outcomes I’ve been able to achieve through this conscious investment framework have been remarkable.

Natasha is a true nurturer. She will deliver incredible loving awareness to help you realise whatever outcome you desire. Her knowledge, intuition and compassion enables an ability to illustrate and then assist in seeing and feeling beyond the complexities and suffering our minds seem to create, to a place of joy and love.

She is a living, breathing, walking, laughing, running, completely delightful example of the life force and energy we all want to have. To me she demonstrates and evokes the beautiful feminine spirit that can feel, dance through, beyond and above the limits of our mind in a way that is so loving, flowing, fun and free.

I am so grateful for Natasha’s love and support and describe her as a gift in opening this testimonial with reason. I love gifts, especially at Christmas time with all the magic and joy of seeing friends and family light up, love and honour each other. If you have the opportunity and privilege to work with Natasha, I hope that you do. You will know her to be the best gift or present you can receive to open up to the life you truly deserve to live. The definition of ‘present’ translates to 1. In a particular place 2. Existing of, occurring now or 3. Something presented; a gift. In this place, your present, wherever you are, Natasha is your gift, here now to help you shine your light, to love and live to your highest purpose.

Suz Mendoza

Thank you again Natasha for all of your help and support, encouraging me to realise my self-limiting beliefs and providing me with the steps to overcome them. It was great being able to talk to a fellow empath who really 'gets' the way I think and feel. 

The high level of care and support that you delivered via a practical approach helped me to gain clarity and get back in touch with my own intuition which had been lost since childhood.

Violet Parkes