The Miracle

Today I am excited and passionate about my life.

In this moment I am experiencing ‘The Light Bulb’ moment where my Life is a clear vision before my eyes.  My slumber has come to an end and I finally know what I AM DO-ING.

During my life I have had 3 near death experiences.  The last from Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and I have seen what some call ‘The Light.’ 

THE LIGHT - Near Death Experience

My daughter Natasha's birth was the closest I have consciously come to death. I was shrouded in a brilliant luminous LIGHT. All these years later I now understand - at least to some degree - what it was. I have finally realized this is because Pure Light is of a higher vibration therefore it is LIGHT-er. 

Whilst I was shrouded in the light I heard..."it is not your time, your daughter needs you, go back." 

And so I did go back. I feel so very blessed I was sent back to be with my daughter to watch her beauty develop...and to be by her side when she married her handsome husband in Paris. And of course for having the strength to make the conscious choice to survive cancer...this was when I realized my SOL-Wisdom was often imparting knowledge that I wasn't really listening to.

And now the defining moment has arrived...

I am finally able to articulate the HOW and WHAT I did to SURVIVE Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. It has only taken me 5 years to fully understand the Conscious Light Awareness practice I innately used to heal during Chemotherapy....

Who knows why, especially when I used the exact same energy and strategy to heal myself 3 months after Chemo when I had major throat surgery to restore my speech.  

I required no pain relief other than the initial anesthetic for the surgery and I healed rapidly. Such is the power of Conscious that not powerful?

I now practice this philosophy daily and constantly use it in every area of my life. It is the knowledge I now share with you through  SOL-Awareness and SOL-Healing.


Before the Chemo I so wanted and believed I could and would heal myself. 

One serendipitous evening my SOL-Wisdom was awakened when a friend who was also experiencing major health issues suggested a group of us see a documentary called ‘What The Bleep Do We Know.’ It was a powerful movie which showcased the research of well regarded Quantum Physicists as well as the late Candice Pert and Masaru Emoto. 

I could FEEL and UNDERSTAND their message 'WE ARE ALL ENERGY' and our emotions and thoughts dictate our life and health.

Aall humanity is part of the Quantum Energy Field I completely resonated with feeling and knowing what they were saying. 

It was as though my SOL-Wisdom poked me yet again as I had the innate wisdom but prior to this I either didn’t realise or I had forgotten I held this information within me.... now I felt truly empowered.

This was an epiphany in my life... 

I truly believed and understood I could transform or alter my energy and heal my tumor.  At this time I used meditation as I had practiced many forms over the past 20 years…on and off. I now realize I was practicing Conscious Light Awareness to heal my energy field everyday only I missed out an important element during my time of illness therefore after many months I still needed Chemo.  What I missed was it takes both intention and attention to change and transform energy.  I gave my body plenty of attention but I now realize I missed the Law of Intention to heal.

A lesson takes both intention and attention to change and transform energy....
— Robynne Girvan



When I was first diagnosed together with my husband John and daughter Natasha we fasted for 40 days. I felt fantastic and I honestly thought I was healed. But as first-timers 'we didn't know what we didn't know!' We didn't realise fasting for 40 days and resuming a normal life wasn't the right approach.  In addition, add in an international move and weeks of was not surprising I was not completely healed. 

Months later the turning point came when I developed a persistent sore throat. After my normal method of juicing failed to heal my throat I eventually took prescription drugs that unknowingly I was severely allergic throat would never be the same again.  It became severely ulcerated and hid the tumor from the naked eye which made eating and even drinking water incredibly difficult and ruled out fasting again. 

Still hoping for a natural cure we journeyed from our home in Oman to a Spiritual Hospital in Brazil looking for a miraculous healing. But an instant miracle was not to be.  

Eventually time had run out. The tumor was sucking my LIFE FORCE though it took me time to realize this fact. I had flown back to Sydney several times in an attempt to agree with treatment only I could never say yes to Chemo. I had seen a family member die from Chemo and I had researched the Chemo facts. 

Then one night, I stood still almost frozen asking myself "how many times have I flown back to Sydney for treatment?" But this night was different. The person who was saying no to drugs realized she was taking so much over the counter pain relief it was ridiculous.

You see the pain had gotten the better of me. It became clear to me I was dying…by this stage I was awake more than asleep each night racked with pain barely able to eat or drink. I innately understood what energy healing was but I was new to the concept  and without a healing mentor I didn't have anyone with the knowledge and support I needed. My SOL-Wisdom was nudging me yet again, but with my pain threshold long since past my energy was not clear nor did I have the capacity to open to the LIGHT, I could not even contemplate asking for the light to fill my cells.

The realization if 'I didn’t take action I would die' was mammoth. I woke John and asked him to ring the doctors in Sydney as I was coming home. The look on his face said it all. You see I no longer saw the image of my real self I was still seeing the memory of the healthy me. 

I resigned to the fact that this time for whatever reason I was unable to heal myself without treatment but I would do whatever it took to survive. 


I was very blessed with timing. I was so sick I was admitted to hospital where the surgeon who was to later operate on my throat said in a matter of fact voice "thank goodness you are here…you only had about another 2 weeks before your artery would have burst and you would have bled to death." A very sobering fact! 

I had Chemo every 2 weeks for 3 months. From the beginning I was using what I now know as Conscious Light Awareness.  This is where I need to pay homage yet again to my SOL-Wisdom - my innate knowledge.  I knew, I believed, and I trusted I could consciously transform my energy and my senses knew enough to bring in The Light source now known to me as Conscious Light. 


I went from near death to being radiant in no time. By the time I had completed the first month of Chemo no one would have known I was unwell except for the tell-tale sign of having no hair. 

My team of doctors would say "I don’t know what you are doing but keep on doing it." They obviously knew my beliefs were alternative as they had been there for my entire journey. I can be grateful at least they recognized it was more than the Chemo healing me.


Our Search Resumes

The following year John, Natasha, and I took the opportunity to continue our journey. 

The journey took us back to the Spiritual Hospital in Brazil, to the Pyramids and Temples of Egypt, on a flotilla down the Nile, a 5-hour trek in darkness to see the sunrise on Mt Sinai, to Israel, Petra in Jordan, Bali, France, Italy and Spain. Still to no avail the SOL-Element I was searching for failed to show and time had come to rest our traveling energy...well at least long enough to catch our breath and to have Gratitude for our journey thus far...

A year or so later and at the end of the long journey on the 'Camino de Santiago' a dear friend played the frequency of 528Hz and my heart literally did a somersault. I didn’t question I simply trusted and I knew my long search was over or just beginning....

— Robynne Girvan


And this is where our SOL-journey really begins in the creation of 



I would be honoured to support your SOL-Journey to healing and awareness.