A Meditation Program To Awaken The Spark Of Light You Are


from the Himalayas to your neighbour next door… 

Millions of people are experiencing the benefits of meditation. Whether you’ve been meditating for years or simply heard enough buzz to become curious you’ll agree meditation and mindfulness is not only scientifically proven to be healthy but it enriches your life.

And you might even wonder why you don’t do it more often or why you don’t do it at all…

So the question isn’t “IF you should meditate?”




Benefits like generating a sense of emotional clarity and powerful awareness where your Mind & Body are nourished by your Heart & Soul from the inside out. Where you experience transformation at your cellular level so your conscious awareness increases in all areas of your life.

But the problem is that if you’re like most people you haven’t found a technique that has captivated you yet. And if you have tried you probably couldn’t get over your mind chatter and you certainly haven’t experienced anything that would come close to blissful and we won't go as far as euphoric!

We have created a solution…

What Can You Experience? 

At The SOL Space we’ve created a brilliant frequency meditation collection that we believe will change your meditation experience forever. From beginners to advanced meditators the experiences are heart warming.


Now is the time to get out of your head SPACE & move into your heart SPACE 

Rebalance your most special commodity YOU! Relax in minutes and experience the peace that comes from feeling the expansion of your heart space and leaving the chatter of your mind behind.

Connect to your loved ones and watch your relationships flourish. Do you ever need to resolve an argument and be able to empathise on a deeper level? When you open your heart space you’ll be surprised at the connection and clarity you can experience.


Feel the Euphoria  WHEN you experience ‘Total Inner Calm’ 

Rediscover the Real You. When you're calm and radiate inner peace everything in your life can shift.  Do you need to let go of old habits and make new choices in your life that serve you? Do you need to de-stress and stop being in overdrive?

People who experience Total Inner Calm say they have more clarity and creativity, and they experience a conscious mind-body connection that brings rejuvenation and an overwhelming feeling of peace. 

The SOL-I AM frequencies support you to awaken the true essence of you, to reawaken the REAL YOU. 

Why is the SOL-I Am the One & Only Meditation Program You Need?

The SOL-I Am Meditation Collection brings together Ancient Wisdom and Loving Consciousness while breaking some of the traditional rules of meditation to meet the lifestyle needs of our modern life.  We have created a truly unique meditation collection that you won't find anywhere else and will support you emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. 


Looking Back & Looking Forward

Looking Back: Ancient Wisdom


The science of vibration and frequency and how they effect people is something that has been around for thousands of years.

1. Solfeggio Frequency

The SOLfeggio Frequencies are the original sound frequencies used in Ancient Gregorian Chants including the great hymn to St. John the Baptist. They come from an ancient musical scale that was thought to be lost centuries ago and replaced with the musical scale that is used today (12 tone equal temperament with A=440). The frequencies were rediscovered by the late Dr. Joseph Puleo. Puleo discovered in Genesis: Chapter 7, Verses 12-83 a pattern of six repeating codes around a series of sacred numbers, 3, 6 and 9. He deciphered this code using the ancient Pythagorean method of reducing the verse numbers to their single digit integers and revealed a series of six electromagnetic sound frequencies which correspond to the six missing tones of the ancient SOLfeggio scale. He then discovered the additional three frequencies which make up the nine tones of the SOLfeggio scale.

The SOLfeggio Frequencies are said to contain within them the Power of Creation and Transformation.  They are believed to have the capacity to effect Matter and Consciousness and hold The Key to Longevity and the Pure Fabric of Space & Time.

The SOL-I AM experience is a journey through the 9 Solfeggio Frequencies to fully resonate with your bodies structure at a deep cellular level.


A Mantra is one of the most powerful tools to elevate your conscious mind, especially when the Mantra is matched with a unique frequency. The sages of India used vedic mantras to awaken the body's natural healing mechanism, to raise the vibration and allow the body to come back into its natural state. 

Each Solfeggio Frequency has been attuned with a short and powerful Intention and Mantra that significantly elevates you to your highest conscious self and realigns your energy. 


Looking Forward: Breaking the Rules

The modern world is changing dramatically, you want to be in the forward trend 



What if you could instantly connect to harmony and calmness even when your mind is in overdrive? Until now our lifestyles have only required us to contribute mentally and physically and even the most popular meditation programs focus on your mind as your most valuable resource. But can you sense this is changing? Contrary to what has been popular in meditation in the past at The SOL Space we believe your heart is your most valuable resource and only by awakening your heart will you be free from mind-chatter and able to experience the REAL YOU. You will experience the FREEDOM and EXPANSIVENESS that comes from living in your HEART SPACE.    


4. MEDITATE Any timE, Any place, ANY WAY

Not quite ready to turn yourself into a meditating monk? We understand! While we agree the best way to do the SOL-I Am Meditations is either sitting or lying down in a quiet space, breathing naturally, with your earphones on, its not the only way to benefit from the audios. If you're not ready to sit still, or you just don't feel like it on certain days, you can move while listening to the audios. Dance, run, walk, its up to you. And you can even play them from your stereo while you're working at your computer, cooking, watering the plants, whatever will integrate into your day. However you choose to use the audios, you can raise your vibration and benefit from attuning to the frequency.  

The words 'raise your vibration' are a constant hum within personal development circles but, until now, no-one has been able to give you the ‘how to’ that works every time and is easily integrated into your life. 



The 9 SOL-I AM SOLfeggio Frequency audios come in 2 versions: 20 minute and 47 minute, designed to fit your schedule, no matter how busy you are.  Each audio is created to effortlessly guide you into total inner calm and rejuvenate every cell, every emotion, every part of your being. 



Each of the 9 SOL-I Am Frequency audios is created to support you through all of life's experiences, challenges or simply to raise your vibration so you can be relaxed and calm. 

You can follow our guidance as to the audio that will best support your different life experiences and growth so you can transform the energy of your situation or you can follow your innate intuition to guide you. 

The SOL-I AM Collection has been created to FIT into YOUR LIFESTYLE & SUPPORT EVERY PART OF YOU: your mind, body, heart & soul. 

What Will You Receive? 

The SOL- I AM Meditation Collection 

The SOL-I Am Collection is all 9 Solfeggio Frequency Meditations in 2 versions: 20-minute and 47-minute Meditations, to suit your day and lifestyle. 10 hours of frequency audios to nourish your mind, body, heart and soul. Plus we have created the beautiful SOL-I AM Reflection Journal for your thoughts and inspirations complete with each audio's loving intention and mantra.

Your energy, frequency and vibration are nurtured by the SOL- I AM Collection supporting your cells to transform and realign with the consciousness of pure Lifeforce Energy.  When your body feels the frequencies you may experience the FEELING of pure bliss, tingling, or you may just BE. 

AUDIO 1. 963HZ


SOL-Light nurtures your ‘Spark of Light.’ It interconnects ether and earth allowing you to resonate in collective consciousness. You can experience a spiritual awakening. 

AUDIO 2. 852HZ 


SOL-Awakening is your journey into awareness and awakening your purpose.  You will experience your true power and interconnectedness. 

AUDIO 3. 741HZ


SOL-Expansion empowers you to expand your consciousness. You will feel empowered in every part of your life and able to express yourself with clarity and love.


AUDIO 4. 639HZ


SOL-Tranquility is the frequency of your HEART SPACE. Within this space you will experience pure tranquility and balance. Your heart will radiate love and peace rippling the frequency into consciousness. 

AUDIO 5. 528HZ


SOL-Miracle is the frequency of pure love to awaken the ‘Spark Of Light’ you are. You will feel the energy vibrating at a deep inner level, awakening your innate knowledge and bringing a sense of calm.

AUDIO 6. 417HZ 


SOL-Transformation is a space of change and growth. You will plant your 'seeds of potential' and vision for your life. Using your feelings you will have the clarity to grow and nurture what you want. 


AUDIO 7. 396HZ


SOL-Liberation takes you on a journey of limitless freedom and peacefulness. Within this space you will let go of anything that has blocked your path and gain the knowledge to experience your full potential and power. 

AUDIO 8. 285HZ 


SOL- Consciousness expands your awareness and consciousness. The more knowledge you open to, the more you will experience and feel. You can awaken to the energetic truth of who you really are, expanding your wisdom and knowledge.

AUDIO 9. 174HZ


SOL-Evolution allows you to have a conscious perception of life, one that flows in harmony and balance.  The freedom you experience will open the space for your evolution, allowing you to uncover what your life purpose is truly about.

SOL-I Am Meditation Program #thesolspace @thesolspace

Reflection Journal

Your reflections & inspirations journal is the place for your words, pictures, emotions and thoughts...all the energy that reflects who you are. 


As your body resonates with the SOL-I AM frequencies you feel a sense of calm that is really you. Your mind chatter stops, your awareness and clarity is enhanced, and your consciousness expands. 

Experience the universal frequency of life

How to Use The SOL-I AM Collection

You will immediately receive your mp3 downloadable links for you to save to your favourite device.





Find a quiet space inside or in nature, slip on your headphones, either sit or lie down, take a few deep breaths and give yourself permission to relax and play your chosen meditation.

Remember you'll receive the maximum meditational benefit while relaxing quietly with your earphones on, but you can listen to your audios while dancing, walking, or working on your computer, its up to you (just not while you're driving!)


Allow your body to resonate with the frequency, it already lives within every cell of your being. 

The structured approach to beginning with the SOLfeggio Frequencies is to start with the higher frequencies first. Begin with 963Hz SOL-Light for a few days then 852Hz SOL-Awakening and so on then make your way back up the frequencies resonating with each one.  And for those of you who prefer an unstructured approach, follow your intuition and let it be your guide. Remember the frequency is very powerful....listen and awaken your energy field gently. 


When your meditation ends take a few moments to reflect on your experience in your SOL-I AM Journal. Allow your heart space to guide you. 


With practice your awareness extends and expands exponentially, you'll see.  



The SOL-I Am Meditation Program can support you through all of life's experiences and challenges. Whether you're a meditation newbie or you've been meditating for years here are a few ways they've supported our community.


528Hz SOL-Miracle is the catchall frequency for transforming life's challenges and for awakening to the Spark of Light you are. It is the frequency of pure love and will support you to come back into your natural state of inner peace and calm. 


Begin with the 47-minute version of 639Hz SOL-Tranquility to take you out of your mind and bring you into your heart space, the space of peace and calm. Generally stress and overdrive is experienced when you're too engaged mentally in the world.  You need a mental vacation. 


963Hz SOL-Light is the go-to for spiritual awakening. If you're ready to awaken to your soul's purpose and energy then you'll want to resonate with all the frequencies regularly to transform on a cellular level and realign your consciousness. You can expect each frequency to awaken your natural abilities and expand your consciousness. 


639Hz SOL-Tranquility is the go-to for everything 'relationship' whether it be with your beloved, your family, friends or colleagues. If you're having challenges with family consider adding the lower frequencies especially 396Hz SOL-Liberation. If you're wanting to grow in your relationships add the higher frequencies particularly 741Hz SOL-Expansion.  


Begin with 417Hz SOL-Transformation. If you're experiencing challenges relax and listen to the lower frequencies especially 174Hz SOL-Evolution. If you're ready to open to your life's purpose listen to 852Hz SOL-Awakening. 


There can be a lot of fear and safety issues around finances. Begin with 639Hz SOL-Tranquility and 528Hz SOL-Miracle to come back to a space of balance. Then start at 174Hz SOL-Evolution and make your way up the frequencies. 


Begin with 528Hz SOL-Miracle for all healing. We made the extended editions of the SOL-I Am Meditations at the request of our cancer patients. It is important to spend your time healing and in a relaxed and calm space. Create a playlist with the higher frequencies (they're the most nurturing) for listening to during any therapies.   


Listening to the SOL-I AM Meditations can make a huge improvement on your hospital experience and healing post surgery. This is a time to listen to the meditations on a continuous loop and play them out loud to raise the vibration of your surroundings. 


During this time be very gentle with yourself. Fill up with 639Hz SOL-Tranquility and 528Hz SOL-Miracle. You can play the frequencies out loud to raise the vibration of your surroundings so you feel nurtured.  


To nurture your energy begin with 528Hz SOL-Miracle and 639Hz SOL-Tranquility. Resonate with the higher frequencies first starting with 963Hz SOL-Light and when you feel safe gently integrate the lower frequencies from 417Hz and below.  


Whether you're waking up in the middle of the night or can't fall to sleep start with 963Hz SOL-Light. You'll feel your energy shift within the first 10 minutes of the meditation. You can add 852Hz SOL-Awakening and 741Hz SOL-Expansion to your playlist to overcome sleeplessness. 


Our Mothers-To-Be are listening to the SOL-I AM to relax and connect to their babies. You can even play the higher frequencies - 963Hz SOL-Light to 528Hz SOL-Miracle out loud for both of you. To nurture yourself post birth listen to the meditations while breastfeeding so you'll be revitalised and your baby calm. 


We see our flights as a time to 'fill up' and we no longer suffer from jet lag! Relax and listen to the SOL-I Am frequency meditations on a continuous playlist. You'll leave the plane feeling completely rejuvenated.   


Included in this Meditation Collection

  • 9 Meditation Audios: 20-minute & 47-minute versions of each track
  • The SOL-I Am Reflection Journal
  • An unconditional 7 Day Money Back Guarantee (no questions asked)

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Behind the SOL - I AM Collection


The SOL-I AM Collection interconnects the 9 Solfeggio Frequencies with words that harmonize and resonate with life as we know it.  At the heart of the 9 Solfeggio Frequencies is the same Spark of Light as us. 

The frequencies found us. It was a heart stopping moment when we first heard the 528Hz frequency after trekking the Camino de Santiago from France across Northern Spain. 

After listening to the frequencies for months and FEELING the power they radiated I knew I needed to share my experience. Shortly thereafter I received an insight connecting each frequency with a specific dialogue now known as an intention and Mantra. The words are so simple but as time passes one connects with the true power and vibration they hold. 

The SOL-I AM Collection will instantly connect you to your true essence, as each frequency holds the ‘Thread of Light’ that interconnects all life. They hold the key not only to your Consciousness but also to the Collective Consciousness.

After months of integrating them into our family life, we started to share them with our friends, loved ones and others who requested them.  The benefits have been incredible.

We invite you to be part of this amazing energy, where you will once again experience the true meaning of life.

To awaken and resonate with the true essence of life is an euphoric moment… It simply says I AM LOVE
— Robynne Girvan

This is what The SOL SPACE family has to say....


Invigorating and relaxing and a wonderful vibrational toning system.

I have been listening to The SOL - I AM Meditations for months now. I play them everyday and all over my house.  Whether I am sitting in meditation, doing dishes or writing at my desk like I am now, I have them on. They instantly lift my vibration and everything in my environment to a higher frequency and what needs to come, comes.  I find them invigorating and relaxing and a wonderful vibrational toning system.  They are a part of my daily routine!

- Melissa D Texas USA

Every cell of my body seems to be at peace. Problems are put in context and life seems more manageable

For years I have struggled with meditation. On a theoretical level I knew that I would benefit from a regular meditation practice, but on a practical level with a busy job and a young family, making the time and the space to meditate just wasn’t happening.

Enter the SOL - I Am Series. The music has a way of drawing you in, and before you know it you are deep into a twenty minute guided meditation. The outside world completely stops, the monkey mind quietens down. When I emerge I feel calm and deeply rested. Every cell of my body seems to be at peace. Problems are put in context and life seems more manageable. I am happier, and kinder to my friends and family.

The SOL - I Am Series is suitable for everyone, and would be especially helpful for beginners or those who need a little extra guidance in their meditation practice. While twenty minutes may sound a long time to a beginner, somehow the time passes so quickly. There is nothing to lose by trying the meditations, and everything to gain.

- Kate S Victoria Australia

Wow! It is Amazing! I was so relaxed after it.

- Michael S New South Wales, Australia

Listening brings instant peace, clarity, love and resourcefulness – it’s completely addictive.

Before using the SOL- I Am Series I had minimal meditating experience – it would be in bouts, bits and pieces 1-2 times a week. Listening to the SOL- I Am Series has been wonderful. It has opened up and allowed so much to flow in my life. Listening brings instant peace, clarity, love and resourcefulness – it’s completely addictive.

I’m so thrilled to have also been able to share this with my family who are functioning at such a higher level as a result. Thank you thank you for these incredible meditations you’ve put out into the world – they are fantastic and are helping and healing in a very powerful way.

The SOL- I Am series would benefit everyone. There is no doubt the frequencies have done wonders for us and supported us even more than we know..I hope that everyone gets to experience this magic.

- Suz M Queensland, Australia

As I repeated my mantra I just felt clear and it got deeper and deeper.

The SOL-I AM Collection really brought me back to my true essence.

- Brett M London, United Kingdom 

The SOL- I Am Collection gives me complete calm and relaxation…something I’ve never felt before.

As soon as I feel stress coming I go and do a SOL-I Am meditation.

- Ian T New South Wales, Australia

I’ve been doing the SOL-I AM Collection for a year now. I love to be guided to which one I’m going to do each day. 


I wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful product. I love them and I’m going to give the collection to all my clients.

- Vanessa J New South Wales, Australia


Are the SOL-I Am Meditations for beginners or advanced meditators?

The SOL-I Am Meditations are for both beginner and advanced meditators. If you're a beginner you've probably tried meditating a few times and haven't been able to get past the mind-chatter. Be thankful you've found us now, it took us years to reach the level of meditation and conscious awareness we received from doing the SOL-I Am Meditations. Our advanced meditators have fallen in love with the SOL-I Am quickly being able to feel the energy and resonation of the frequencies taking them to a level they had not experienced prior. 

I already use other meditations why should I get the SOL-I Am?

The SOL-I Am Meditations will complement and enhance other meditation and personal development programs. If you do other programs not only will you discover you'll keep coming back to the SOL-I Am (it doesn't get dull like some other programs do!) but you'll be able to benefit from these other programs on a deeper level. 

We also do a type of Vedic Meditation taught by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar  (you might have heard of Transcendental Meditation TM, its similar) and we can honestly share we would never have been able to experience the depth of this meditation without doing the SOL-I Am Meditations. 

I know I should meditate but I just never seem to find the time

We'll say this lovingly, only you can put yourself first. But once you start doing the SOL-I Am Meditations you'll want to do them regularly because you'll notice how amazing you feel. Remember, as a rule of thumb you just have to schedule your meditation time (and push through the reasons why not to) for up to 10 days for it to become a habit. 

SOL-I AM Meditation Collection

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