Fasting & Cleansing the Colon

“Fasting is the greatest remedy, the physician within” - Philippus Paracelsus MD

“I Fast for Greater Physical and Mental Efficiency” - Plato

Cleansing for Life & Vitality

We fast to bring our body back into balance, to heal, and to allow it to let go of any excess toxins (including fat).

A clogged colon makes it difficult to properly absorb nutrients which means the “good” food we’re eating isn’t able to be absorbed into our bodies. A clogged colon also negatively impacts our ability to eliminate waste which is when disease can start.

It is simple to cleanse the body, cleanse the colon and bring your life back into balance.

Fasting has been a part of human existence since the beginning of civilization and through all faiths. It was the norm to fast when we were sick (all other animal species still do it naturally) or when we were seeking a higher level of enlightenment. In our modern lives these norms seem to have changed and instead a healthcare industry (taking care of the sick) with pills and medications rules over a wellness industry where prevention and doing what is natural for our system prevails.

Step 1: How to Choose the Fast/Cleanse which is Right for You

Water, Juicing, Raw Foods, Pulse, Colon Cleanse?

The less nutrients you give your body the faster the detox, the harder it is, and the more you will need vitality from sunshine, meditation, and a peaceful and supportive environment. Our first 2 considerations when choosing what fast is right for us are the ENVIRONMENT and our HEALTH ISSUES.

Environment - Where will I be and who will support me?

You can be anywhere from a tropical island with plenty of sunshine and tranquility to living in a city in a fast paced working environment. While fasting you need to make sure your physical environment and the people you surround yourself with are supporting you.

Fasts for work

Pulse, Raw Foods, Juice Fast (hardest here, especially in the beginning)

Fasts for tranquil healing environments:

Water, Juice

Health Issues - What is my current state of well being?

Are you simply fasting for weight loss, detoxing, cleansing, or do you have a major health issue which needs to be addressed?

Your health issues will help you decide duration and modality. Water, juice, raw, and pulse fasts will all cleanse, detox and assist in weight loss. For major health issues you’ll need to consider juice and water fasts for a longer period.

If you have a major health issue I highly recommend you chat with Don Tolman to help you decide modality, duration, and learn about what foods will assist your particular ailment and support your system to return to balance.

Fasting Modalities


Energized water from a good source


All fruits & vegetables freshly squeezed (no additives such as sugar & concentrates).
Beware - if you are buying your juice make sure to ask if it is freshly squeezed and double check nothing has been’ll be surprised!!!


This is all raw fruits, vegetables, nuts & sun dried fruits.
That means no dairy, no fish, no meat, no eggs.


Pulse is a sacred meal uncovered by Don Tolman in ancient scrolls made to exact ratios & proportions aligned to the golden mean. It is a blend of 26 whole foods for physical, mental, & emotional vitality.


We incorporate a Colon Cleanse into our fasts. We use Mass X-Odus Colon Cleanse which is bentonite clay, flaxseed,  and psyllium husk mixtures taken at hourly intervals to COMPLETELY cleanse the colon. Without being too graphic we have had kilos leave (mucus and all sorts) from a very long time ago!

STEP 2: Schedule It and Know What to Expect


Especially for the first few days...don't make it hard for yourself especially if you are a newbie to this. Set yourself up for success and don’t put yourself in situations where you’re likely to fail.

Keep it Simple. Be strong!


Yes, that means toxins are going to come out of your body and depending on what cleansing modality you’ve chosen (and how toxic you are) it can be light to severe.

You might feel nauseas (even vomit in extreme cases), have a light to severe headache, experience body pains especially through the back and legs as toxins leave, and have skin outbreaks.

Emotionally you might be a little edgier than normal as the toxins come out. You might not be quite as smiley and fun as usual...some people might even project their negative emotions onto others. We know this isn't you...but be aware, be responsible for yourself and be sure to nurture yourself during this time.


This is especially important for water and juice fasts where there is no fibre intake. You need to make sure your excretory organs are doing their job. Daily enemas, deep exhaling through breathing and exercise, and cleansing the skin through exfoliating, masks, and scrubs are all necessary.

Step 3: Ease In & Ease Out


It is WISE to cut down slowly and don’t binge eat before you fast. For example, juice only for a few days before a water fast.

Sometimes our mind likes to play games on us and send us into a craving state reminding us of everything we will miss out on during our fast...even things we haven’t had for months. Its normal! Do your best.


This is PARAMOUNT! You will undo all your good work if you go straight out and celebrate with alcohol, animal proteins, and processed foods. Don’t learn this one the hard way.

When we do our extended water and juicing fasts we go from WATER to JUICE to FRUIT to PULSE to SALADS very SLOWLY over days!


Drink Litres of Water.
Cleansing is about hydrating your system. We typically drink about 2-3 litres during fasting.
Exercise Moderately.
At least 45 minutes per day - light walk, rebounding, up to a slow jog depending on modality
Nurture your body.
Meditate. Breathe deeply. Massage.
Enemas, dry exfoliating, salt scrubs, bentonite clay masks
Incorporate a colon cleanse.
Use a colon cleanse protocol to achieve a Mass X-Odus during fasting.
Change modality.
You might start with the intention of doing a water only fast but on day 3 decide to incorporate juice. Its OK, you are still giving yourself the gift of improved health.
Listen to your body
Your intuition is already telling you what your body needs now, all you need to do is align your life to this truth.
Keep smiling.
You are giving yourself a gift

Much love,

by Natasha Girvan