Sacred Intention & Attention

Intention & Attention brings you into Presence.

When you set a clear intention, it brings your attention and awareness for your highest purpose and aligns all in your life to this purpose.

This is where it gets exciting. 

  • You clear obstacles with grace & ease
  • Synchronicity and little miracles start to occur
  • Your path is clear and direct along your destinies path

Now its your turn...

In 2-3 very clear sentences set the intention for your life & business

  • What is the highest purpose for you?
  • What is the highest purpose for your business?
  • What is unique about you?
  • What are you called to do, to give?

Your Mantra:

I am Presence I am.....

In the comments below please share your intentions. Be very clear and succinct and make sure you do your daily mantra.

Thank you for supporting me in my Intention.

Shine your light, be present, and love your life

Much love,

Natasha by Natasha Girvan