Silence with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar…the Story then the Bliss

I’m back from my silence retreat in Bali with H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, affectionately known as Guruji.

This beautiful journey of deep meditation was so profound and I feel  completely rejuvenated on every level.

I’ve made a short video for you to answer some of those curious questions  and share my insights from this journey.

"Prayer within breath Is silence Love within Infinity Is silence Wisdom without word Is silence Compassion without aim Is silence Action without doer Is silence Smiling with all the Existence Is silence!" - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

No phone, no ipad, no email, and the cherry on the top no talking.

The journey began with Excitement – Curiosity - Relief

The first step is the physical action of no speech the second is the mental and emotional expression of Silence.

No more idle chit-chat and conversations or so I thought.

That wasn’t the case!

I gained an intriguing awareness of the voice inside my head more so than ever before.

I might have stopped physically talking but that little voice inside my head hadn’t.

This is a little CUCKOO but…

The amount of chitchat and conversations about nothing that I was having with myself in the beginning was highly amusing!

“What shall I eat, where shall I sit, look at that, what shall I do after this”

Then the real fun started...

Discomfort – Pain – Resistance - Fatigue

That little voice inside my head turned up to HIGH VOLUME

The botherations. The story. The planning.

Past. Future. Past. Future. Past. Future.

What if? How? When?

Old beliefs, old habits, old patterns all coming to the surface.

It wasn’t boring.

And then it changed.

Rest – Release – Surrender – Expansion - Bliss

I surrendered and let go and there I was in the Present and in Presence.  The Bliss and Euphoria arrived.

I left feeling completely at peace with all in my life resonating through every cell of my body.

Until next time...

Shine Your Light, Be Present, and Love Your Life

Much love


by Natasha Girvan