Balancing Your Masculine & Feminine

Divine Balance

Within you both the masculine and feminine exists - it is your YIN & YANG energy.

But you run into problems when as a woman you're being too masculine or as a man you're being too feminine.

And in the corporate and business world few women are able to stay in their feminine as they strive to achieve and complete tasks.

Unfortunately when you lose your femininity, you disempower yourself. You move away from being the great nurturer, not just of people but of projects and creativity, and your heart closes to that divine feminine within you.

Supportive Structure and Creative Flow

When your masculine is working for you it acts as a supportive structure for your creativity to flow, to move into creation, and into the physical (in the present).

How do you do this?

You set up your week for creative time and productive time.

Develop a structure that works for you and if you are in a particularly productive phase it is even more important to nurture your feminine so you don't lose your flow and creativity.

Honor your feminine creative flow and allow everything you're doing to be more fulfilling.

Being productive whilst being in your feminine acts as a beacon of light for everyone to follow.

Masculine Presence...

From a Man we want to feel his Presence, Power, Passion and Purpose in life. 

When your heart is open and you are in your feminine you allow this man in. You are able to feel and experience his Masculine Presence and Power.

To learn more about your masculine and feminine click the play button below...

Your Mantra

I Am Supported, I Am Creative, I Am in Natural Flow

Feel the balance of the Masculine and Feminine within yourself.

In the comments below let me know how you nurture your femininity.

Until next time....

Shine your light & love your life

Much love,


by Natasha Girvan