A Bump in The Road

Surviving Life's Little Bumps

As you might be aware I hit a bump in the road last week!

Literally, whilst running, I ended up flat on the pavement and I'm still recovering fully.

I had just come back from the US and I was completely inspired with everything I could do in the next 3 months.

Oh yes, my Achiever side was running rampant!

But obviously, the Universe had other plans.

In my video I share how I listened to my feminine heart for what I am truly yearning for.

My masculine side could have just dusted myself off and kept going along the same path.

But I believe when you get a physical injury it’s a sign to ‘stop’ and realign yourself.

As you watch my video bring awareness from your mind into your heart and ask yourself:

What is my heart yearning for? Truly ask yourself this without your mind being involved about the practical ‘money, family, time, resources.’

This past week has truly been a blessing. Enjoy my video

Your Mantra for Your Soul:

I Am One With All That Is

Remember the universe is here to support you.

You can come into alignment and see what your heart is yearning for.

Thank you for your support.

Until next time...

Shine your light & love your life

Much love,

by Natasha Girvan