Calling In Your Soulmate

The very beautiful topic of calling in your soul mate!

Firstly some wisdom from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. He says

"In order to know your soul mate you must first of all know your own soul." 

This means you must know thyself. You must be open to honoring yourself and knowing who you truly are.

My 3 Steps for Calling in Your Soul Mate are

1. Be Specific
2. Be Open
3. Take Action

1. Be Specific

Write a list of everything you desire in your soul mate.
What are his Values?
What are his Qualities?
What do you do together?
What does your life look like together?

Tip: Make sure you are really specific and note he is a male if you are looking for a male. It’s easy to call in your next best girlfriend – it happens! 

2. Be Open

Be open.

And look at what you’re resisting within yourself.

What are you not loving or honoring within yourself?

Honor and love yourself. Treat yourself the way you expect your soul mate to treat you. Treat yourself with love and respect

Open to Yourself So You Can Open to Him

3. Take Action

This is about being open to him and doing what you love to do. You don’t have to hunt him down.

Get out of the house and do the things you love to do. You can put up an online profile but only if that feels right for you.

Wherever you are happy you will attract him.

I believe you are destined to meet your soul mate. Allow for divine order and divine timing.

Keep opening, love yourself more, know what you want, and enjoy your life and then it will happen.

Open to his energy

Have faith and trust that he is coming and he will.

Watch my video to learn more about Calling In Your Soul Mate.

Your Mantra for Your Soul:

I Am Open
I Am Love
I Am Faith

Feel yourself opening to your soul mate and allowing him into your life. Get ready for this beautiful relationship you’ll have with your soul mate.

Thank you for your support.

Until next time...

Shine your light, be present, and love your life

Much love,

by Natasha Girvan