Forget New Years Resolutions

Forget New Year's Resolutions 

"Only as high as you reach can you grow, only as far as you seek can you go, only as deep as you look can you see, only as much as you dream can you be."

Here we are once more…

As we farewell 2013 and welcome in 2014 hold yourself to your highest truth and allow this truth to become your reality for 2014.

Let go of all that no longer serves - give it away, let it go, let yourself be free.

What will you create for yourself in 2014?

What will you create for those dearest to you in 2014?

What will you stand for?

Forget New Years resolutions and decide on a Phrase & Theme for 2014

What theme will serve you?

Will it be love, joy, openness, creation, fun, abundance, flow, laughter, grace, gratefulness, authenticity, vitality?

Your theme is what you feel in your body, it guides your choices and what you share and give with those you care about.

What phrase will serve you?

Will it be "My heart knows" - have you been living in your mind, questioning, analysing, second-guessing your direction?

Will it be "Let it be Easy" - have you been trying to control your life too much, making life and business too complex, making work for yourself, are you struggling and making life hard and not allowing your life to flow?

Will it be "Game On" - have you been letting opportunities go by, staying in your comfort zone, not going out or socialising?

Will it be “I trust myself” - is it time to take action on a new frontier?

When you have a phrase to live by its easy to take action, to be lead in the right direction. It look likes this...

...My heart knows - I can breathe in deeply, let go, and trust in my heart and intuition.

...Let it be easy - I can let go, I drop the drama, I drop the struggle, I keep it simple (KISS)

...Game On - Lets do it, I’m going out tonight, I’m creating a new comfort zone and I feel empowered

…I trust myself - I believe in myself, I take action, I share my truth

Decide on your THEME and PHRASE now. 

Feel into your heart, your purpose and how you will empower yourself in 2014.

What resonates with you?

This is mine…

My theme for 2013 was “Love, Love, Love” and my phrase was "My heart knows.” As this still resonates within me my new theme for 2014 is “Joy” and my phrase is “I Trust Myself”

Your Mantra for Your Soul:

Now its your turn to create your own Mantra

I Am My [Theme]

I [Phrase]

This is mine

I Am My Joy

I Trust Myself

Have a beautiful fun-filled New Year. 

Thank you for your support.

Until next time...

Shine your light & love your life

Much love,

by Natasha Girvan