How to be Calm When You're Stressed, Anxious, or Overwhelmed

Life is a journey...

And as you travel through the passage of sunshine and storms, day and night, light and dark, you often encounter some emotional stress, overwhelm, and possibly anxiety.

It is important during this part of your journey to let this emotional tension out of your body.

Not to bottle it up, shut down emotionally and physically, and keep it inside until the tension within you dis-empowers you and the storm becomes a hurricane that can no longer be contained.

You can let this tension out of your body through movement, sound and breath.

When you are experiencing stress your breath becomes shallow and fast, taking the oxygen away from your brain, and stopping you from operating at a high level.

When you are calm your breath is deep and slow.

It becomes a powerful life force interconnecting you with all of humanity.

Be In Presence

To learn 2 very powerful techniques you can do everyday to move from stress to presence, BE-ing centred and calm click the play button below. A little heads up…one of the techniques is called "THE MONKEY"

Your Mantra

I Am Presence

Do this Mantra after practicing the monkey technique, connecting to your breath, and feel the sensations through all of your body and energy field.

Until next time....

Shine your light & love your life

Much love,

by Natasha Girvan