How to Nurture Your Divine Feminine, Your Intuition & Allowing

Opening Your Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine is about opening your intuition and embracing the Art of Allowing.

She allows her life to unfold, she is connected to nature, and she listens.

So as a woman how do you develop and open your Divine Feminine and as a man how do you honour the Divine Feminine?

Your divine feminine heart is open, vulnerable, intuitive, sensitive, nurturing, loving, accepting, powerful, and connected to all.

But sometimes your feminine beauty  is hidden beneath judgment, frustration, masculinity, control, being overtly sexual or withheld.

The most important thing you can do for your feminine is to...

Nurture Yourself

I believe the best way to nurture yourself  is through

Practicing Self Love

Honouring Your Beauty & 

Self Forgiveness

Learn to love your depth of emotion, your knowingness and trust it.

Your intuition and knowingness is from the depths of your soul and knows the truth.

Your power comes from your depth of feeling and knowingness.

The Divine Feminine in Business is not...

Pushing too hard and controlling everything.

The feminine model in business is about allowing, creativity, and flow. Allow for the MAGIC to flow through your business.

This video is filled with love and softness in honour of your divine feminine.

Your Weekly Mantra For Your Soul

I Am One With Nature, I am Beautiful, I Am My True Feminine Goddess

Remember this is about feeling.

Make sure you honour your feminine flow everyday.

Until next time....

Shine your light, be present, and love your life

Much love,

by Natasha Girvan