Living Your Purpose: The Lesson in the Art of Surrender

The Lesson in The Art of Surrender

Surrender can come with great resistance.

The Art of Surrender is about letting go and letting god.

It is the final letting go of all resistance, all fear. Letting go of anything holding you back from living your purpose and path and finally surrendering in to your path

For me when I was called to live my purpose it was almost comical, there was no alternative left but to follow my purpose. It was time.

I had to open.
I had to take the leap of faith.
I had to go forward and surrender into my life’s path and purpose.

If you are being called, surrender and let go.

Faith & Trust

The lesson in the Art of Surrender is Faith and Trust.

It is about going inside and realizing that you are guided and your life does have a purpose. You are being called to have faith and trust and it will unfold.

The more you surrender, let go, and honor yourself, the more your path becomes clearer.

Ask Yourself?
What am I resisting?
What am I fearful of?
What is my final act of surrender?

Let it Be Easy

Go with the current and don’t swim against it. Allow yourself to be in the flow and allow your intuition to guide you.

Watch my video and learn more about the Art of Surrender.

Your Mantra for Your Soul:

I Surrender
I am Faith
I Am Trust

Allow yourself to let go and allow your intuition to guide you and really live on your destiny path.

Until next time...

Shine your light & love your life

Much love,

by Natasha Girvan