Stop Procrastination. Gift Yourself The Gift of Completion.


Why do you procrastinate? 

Is your project bigger than Ben Hur and you’ve lost mometum? You haven’t broken your project down into manageable pieces, so you’ll never complete it.


Do you keep starting new projects and not completing old ones? Being distracted by the next ‘Bright Shiny Object’ syndrome.


Is it perfectionism? You want to write a book but only if it’s a New York Times Best Seller.

And for some of you its all the above.

This can lead to being easily swayed buy other peoples opinions and not honoring and sharing your gifts.

In this weeks video I teach you

  1. How to center yourself, be open, and choose the right project for you
  2. How to bring your energy to this project and complete it.

Give Yourself This Gift. 

This starts the momentum forward in your life and allows you to reach your full potential.

Your Mantra for Your Soul:

I Am My Creation

Believe in yourself, be your creation, and share your gifts.

Thank you for your support.

Until next time...

Shine your light & love your life

Much love,

by Natasha Girvan

ps. Sorry about the wind but the butterflies are beautiful!