Surviving Transition & Change in A Feminine Way

We all experience transition through our life. It is either through our own burning desire for personal growth, for going beyond our current comfort zone or sometimes it is forced upon us..those BIG lessons!

We experience natural transitions from
A girl to a woman &
A boy to a man.

In life we are always being called upon to grow and open.

From school to business
From the corporate world into entrepreneurship
From single life moving into a relationship
And so on...

This transition can feel like we're venturing into a great abyss - the wild unknown.  A new journey on an unknown path.

As we move into the unknown, from an old set of behaviours and patterns to a new set we enter into a place of deep vulnerability.

Your Safety Comes From Within

When we're vulnerable its natural (and sometimes wise) to look for safety. Your old life is calling you back, saying its safe here while your "new YOU" is holding the light of the world of possibility for you.

The lesson here is your safety comes from within. There is no need to retreat back to your old life your Safety comes from your ability to nurture you.

To be gentle, to honour your experience, to stay present and grounded.

Be-Ing Gentle

Be-ing Gentle with yourself means taken care of YOU and nurturing yourself.

This is...
...Allowing your mind to recognise you're experiencing something new - yes you'll stumble and your path may not be direct but its all part of the journey.

...Allowing your body to gently integrate this growth. Breathing through any fear, stress, anxiety, wild emotions and allowing them out.

...And honouring your soul and acknowledging your path.

Be-Ing Grounded

Mother nature is here to nourish and nurture you.

She is always here to support your physical body with air, sunshine, water, and a profound stability.

She is always supporting you gently and grounding you.

Learn to connect to the heart beat of mother nature. Take yourself into nature, lie on the grass, lean against a tree, open your heart centre and take deep natural breathes, focussing on your in & out breathe, feel through the roots of the tree, and become one with mother nature. Feeling the support and natural rhythm of the universe.

When I do this, I stay in presence, I am gentle, and I am able to honour my transition one step at a time.

It is about letting go, allowing yourself to be supported from within, your soul and spirit, and supported by the earth, mother nature.

If this resonates with you, click the play button below to learn more...

Your Mantra

I Am Safe, I Am Nurtured, I Am Presence

Many of you are going through great transition especially  those of you becoming more spiritually awakened. Your experiences will be deeper as you are called to grow more and acknowledge more consciously.

Be gentle, be vulnerable, be present, be grounded. 

You are supported and you are here to move to the next version of yourself.

Until next time....

Shine your light, be present, and love your life

Much love,

by Natasha Girvan