What You Need to Know About Your Wellbeing & The Little Chemical Factory

Weight Loss and Your Wellbeing

This is my final week in the US and its been amazing.

But there is a BUT!

I can't help but notice the difference in the quality of food compared to Australia and other countries!

To be fair, I have had some incredible meals but on the days we weren't in the hub of farmers markets and organic food it has been very challenging to find food that did not have some sneaky chemical added.

This is why I'm sharing with you what I discovered many years ago when I was 30 pounds heavier than I am today.

There is a lot more I can share with you on this topic but this one NEVER gets talked about and I can honestly say once you get this and break the habit, you'll be surprised at the results.

Here it is..

You’re Not Fat, You’re Addicted

Unfortunately, there are many chemicals added to our foods to make us addicted.

The #1 undercover offender for making foods addictive is MSG. I was surprised because I thought MSG had been ruled out years ago but apparently not.

MSG can be found in all hydrolized proteins, sodium caseinate, calcium caseinate, yeast extract, corn oil, hydrolyzed oat flour. And its frequently in malt extract, bouillon broth, natural flavors, seasoning, spices and the list goes on!

The problem with MSG is it tells your body you want more, again and again and again and it can also be linked to diabetes.

Break the Addiction Cycle

I realized I had to break the addiction cycle and really move away from packaged foods.

You should know, I don’t shop at the supermarket! There is very little real whole food living in the supermarket

I think of the Supermarket as a “Little Chemical Factory”

Today I shop at farmers markets and eat as organically as possible.

Find food that nourishes you in wholefoods markets or from your local farmers and break the addiction cycle.

Even when I was eating organic whole foods I was still quietly addicted to other ‘packaged’ foods. I was eating foods that weren’t serving me.

Gain awareness from within about the foods you’re addicted to.

With awareness you can tell yourself you don’t want these foods. Remember the chemicals are saying you do.

And Start to truly love your food. When you have gratitude for it you allow yourself to be nourished by what you eat.

Love your food and take control back.

Don’t let food companies dictate what you eat and what you want to eat

Watch my video to learn more about Well Being and Weight Loss.

Your Mantra for Your Soul:

I am Vital
I am Pure
I Am Nurtured

Remember your food is there to nourish you, nurture you, and give you vitality. Enjoy and love everything you eat.

Until next time...

Shine your light & love your life

Much love,

by Natasha Girvan