Conscious Language: Your Words Create Your World


The power of our sound through the words we use creates our world.

Sound is creation energy. It has been used through time to heal, to create, and to open gateways within us.

We have the choice to use this powerful force positively or negatively.

So often we talk about ourselves in "Negative Reality Statements" without even realizing it...

I CAN’T do this
I WON'T do that
I DON'T know how to…

All of these statements create Limitations and take us away from our Authenticity.

The "NOTS" create "KNOTS" in your life

NEVER USE“I AM” or “I Will” followed by NOT.

In fact, never use “I AM” or “I Will” followed by any negative statement.

Without even realizing it you are creating a new belief system, a new pattern within your subconscious through every cell of your being that now needs to be healed within you.

I recommend taking 3 words completely out of your self-talk (and talk of others). These words are NOT, TRY, and WANT.

Want creates lack, there is no such thing as trying, and NOT creates the emotional KNOTS. These are all disempowering terms.

Focus on speaking about yourself in the positive, this raises you vibration.


I am committed to having, to achieving…
I now choose to experience…
I empower myself to create…
I deserve…

Take the time to create new empowering beliefs

  1. Write down on a sheet of paper all the negative reality statements you have said about yourself ‘out loud’ or ‘in your head.’
  2. Take out a new sheet of paper and write a new list of empowering statements that are in the present   (beware of writing into the future with words such as intend or would like)
  3. Dispose of your old statements / belief systems (I recommend doing this through a ritual)
  4. Say your new statements out loud 3 times per day with emotion (feel it).

From today on choose to use your words in service and empowerment. 

To learn more about how your "Words Create Your World" click the play button below.

Your Mantra

I Am Worthy, I Deserve Abundance In All Areas of My Life

This is abundance in love, friendships, connection with your family, your finances, whatever is important to you.

Feel this!

Until next time....

Shine your light & love your life

Much love,

by Natasha Girvan