What is Love Actually?


From my earliest memories I was always pondering… What is LOVE actually? What is it really for? And why oh why did I need to know? 

Most of us think LOVE means the love we feel for another, often expressed as the joy we feel when our emotions are in harmony within our relationships.

You are not alone, even the modern dictionary deciphers 'Love' as ‘love for another person’ or for ‘another object’. OMG!!

The true essence of LOVE has been disguised for eons.  Why you may ask, because LOVE is the most 'Powerful Energy' that exists in this present time.

Yes it can...especially if we choose to live from our heart space and create our life from this space of LOVE.

When we align our consciousness with the Collective Loving Consciousness, there is nothing we can not do.

Think about this, or is that FEEL about this…

Have you ever questioned what the ‘Essence of Love’ is, in its purest form?

It is the most beautiful 'Essence of You' your SOuL Essence.

LOVE is the fabric of all living creation; people, plants, stars, sky including the universe and galaxies.

To experience what LOVE really is – feel YOU ARE LOVE

When you grasp the ‘Energy of Love’ your every day life develops a powerful and loving mechanism to support your every day life.

Know YOU have the power to be the Loving Conscious Energy you were born to be.

Whilst expanding your awareness and accepting you are an Essence of Love your mind and heart energy may oscillate somewhere in between both spectrums but with a little practice you will live more and more within the energy of your higher consciousness

Pop on your LOVE goggles and accept….

All life is Energy, Frequency, and Vibration – therefore it can move. We can hear you - my body is a solid form…. Is it?  Your body is constantly renewing itself therefore it moves.


A Conscious Practice

Take a breath into your heart space (in the centre of your chest) allowing yourself to relax and let go.  

With your next breath, breathe a little deeper into your heart space and as you release feel your energy flowing out of your heart space and cycling through your entire body.

With your next breath bring your energy back into the centre of your heart space.

See what happens when you make this a daily practice.  If this is a new experience begin with one round gradually increasing to 10 minutes. Always only do what is comfortable for you. This simple practice has the potential to change your life.

The more you practice the more you will experience your own Love. From this loving space you will feel and know your full potential.


Love and Peace be with you,


by Robynne Girvan